Reflection of Women: What Will Come Next?

4402972_f260Hello, it’s Jonathan Hodgkin, once again, and I’d like to firstly give a huge appreciation to those who have been religiously reading my articles, unfortunately my time for the Baltimore Sun Newspaper is coming to an end. It seems as if over the course of my career, I’ve learned some valuable aspects about our country that I hadn’t learned before. My three articles all-relating to women have given me a sense of the average woman’s life. I’ve been able to see a realistic view, instead of the tainted perception that it’s the social norm. for women to complete the expected tasks given to them by society and their husbands. That image is no longer one that I necessarily believe in. Women have always been a great contributor to our society, that has always been hidden by the one too many generalizations for all of the women. When I say ‘generalization’ I mean that men in our country have always put women in one category, when really, there’s more to women than we know. Right now I may not have much proof, but gradually women are standing up for themselves and the mark of a new beginning is awaiting our country.

The two women in the photo above holding the sign “votes for women,” holds quite a bit of power. There does not need to be a flock of women in order for the message to be profound to the eye of the beholder, instead there two weary women who look as if they do not want to be messed with. Although women conventions and specially held events haven’t received much attention, therefore there’s a lack of votes in support for them, but the fact that women are still trying, even if it’s slowly but surely, they won’t give up, and that’s something that needs to be noticed by all of the people in America. The Seneca Falls Convention took a long time to prepare for, and the Declaration of Sentiments did not pass, but these determined women are working towards their goal, and we as men in America eventually must accept women, even if they say they’re something we don’t believe they are. Sarah Josepha Hale, having five children and an absent husband, worked towards being an influence to all women with her writing. Many of the children in the Lowell factories were almost too young to protest or their rights, but older women attempted. It’s not like women will alway be okay with their role in society, it will change whether that’s in a couple of years or even centuries.  One day the work will pay off, I’m sure of it.

Ever since the Industrial revolution, women have been used for work, or completely disregarded as living members of America, along with the huge flock of Irish immigrants, but that was due to the native greedy men who decided that using women and these un experienced irish would help them gain their money and power. There’s a sense of greed and yearning for power that’s so common, that it ends up hurting the people within a certain community. In this case, women are the ones being hurt. The economic growth has been overwhelming yet successful for our country, but ultimately the women are being used in this industry. Some women have expressed their feelings, that they’re not okay with any of this mistreatment, soon to be there will be more than just a flock of women protesting for their rights, soon there will be much more, something much bigger than all men put together.


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