Reflecting on the Immigration Research Found in the Last 50 Years

November 7th, 1850

Over the last 50 years being a journalist, I have successfully completed several articles about quickly increasing immigration trafficking into the United States. Out of all the research I did, the most interesting and most terrifying thing is definitely the increase in population. There isn’t enough room on earth for the population of humans to exponentially increase; sometime there just won’t be enough room. It’s sort of ironic that European immigrants are traveling across the Atlantic ocean because of overpopulation, but don’t think twice about in moving to America, they are feeding this population, that will at some point reach an overpopulated state. With that being said, the movement is completely necessary for most of the European immigrants, since their life quality doesn’t even come remotely close to ours.


Immigrants are excited to see their new homes.

It’s out of our power to convert every culture into a single standard culture. If this could happen there would never be opinion formulated issues, and everyone could live side by side in happiness. There are just so many different ways of life in which different people experience. When a man or woman, who has a specific culture he or she used to live by, moves to an area with a radically different culture, the majority tends to find a conflict. These European immigrants are placing themselves in a very different culture from their own, and people find differences, specifically in religion, that causes friction. Immigration is the only option for some people for survival’s sake, and the constant alienation could be argued to be the smaller of two issues.

The second issue is the transportation. Many people die during the transportation, and the conditions are excruciatingly harsh. Above is a picture of a sailboat used for the transportation of European immigrants. Notice how excited, yet warn out they look; it’s as if all they want to do is smile, but there muscles are too tired to complete such a simple task. This picture emphasizes how much the immigrants want to live the American lifestyle. All of the faces express hope and thankfulness for their finished journey.

So how do social and economic change effect people’s lives? Well, social and economic change in Europe caused a few of the immigrants to make the trip to America, causing them to leave behind everything they new and loved. In America, as the population is quickly increasing, the economy is increasing of course; more people need to spend money on items, and this causes the GNP to increase. With different ideas being transferred to America through the immigrants, social growth is also increasing.


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