American Leisure Activity in Past Half of a Century

Theo S. Dudley

December 31, 1951

It is been around a year since the Swedish Nightingale has come to New York. I could not believe how much I have paid to see her. Since the beginning of my writing career, I have travel to a lot of places, South Carolina, Illinois and New York. People and places have changed a lot along the time. The place where it used to be a farm, where children would run around playing there, became a factory. A small horse racing stadium became one of the biggest edifices in town. It has become popular and well-known to people. Some gamblers lose and some gamblers gain from it, but certainly, tons of money circulate in this enterprise, including other forms of sport, boxing, baseball or even illegal cockfighting. From just a group of woman chatting about fashion, fashion magazines are released to enlarge the amount of people in this conversation to all over america. From small theatre or groups of musician, theatre or museum are established under those entertainment activities. As can be seen in the pictures of P.T. Barnum roadshow of Jenny Lind. Small towns grow into large towns, into cities and megapolis. People move into the urban area, leaving farming area for building factory. Urbanization is expanding to every place in America, especially in the North East. People get to live closer in big cities. The economy have grown in such a big number, creating a stable life for American people. Microeconomics have grown up to be Macroeconomics. Moreover, stability should come with happiness or satisfaction in everyone’s life. People spend money not in just everyday’s needs, they spend for their leisure, arts, sports and etc. It has become one of the facts that prosper the economy of America.


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