Irish Immigration

August 1, 1834. Boston, Massachusetts.

Ladies and gents, this is Thomas Crowley here reporting for the Baltimore Sun, your number one source for news about our fine country. Today, I would like to discuss the recent influx of all of these Irish folks. Recently, there have been more and more Irish coming into places like New York and Boston and looking for work. There are some issues back in Ireland like over-population ‘cause of the Napoleonic Wars and those damn English are also over there oppressing the Irish folks. Therefore, we get all of these rowdy drunks coming to our country looking for new lives. Mostly, we have been putting these Irish people to work on the canals and the railroads, the type of work that we Americans don’t really feel inclined to do. The Irish are not awful workers but the American people are getting a little sick of the disorderly population they have been causing.

Yesterday I went out to the streets of Boston to interview an Irish Laborer about how the United States has been to him. Here is a piece of the interview:

“Hello, I am Thomas Crowley from the Baltimore Sun. I would like to talk to you about life in the United States for an Irish Immigrant. What is your name and what are your thoughts on life here for an immigrant?”

“I’m George McIvor. America has been great so far. I got a job working on the railroad. Work is long and tough but

Pictured: George McIvor, Irish Immigrant

Pictured: George McIvor, Irish Immigrant

I get through it and I’m makin’ more money than I was back home. I keep tellin’ the folks back home to come to this beautiful piece of land right here, walk through the golden door, but they’re not convinced. Anyways, I’m just on my way to the bar right now, I just finished up my shift. Hurrah for Gineral Jackson!”


There you have it folks, these Irish Immigrants love America’s opportunities and are probably here to stay. However, this doesn’t mean that it we are making it easy on them. American Protestants have been causing some riots in the streets recently against the Irish’s beloved Catholic Church. There have already been a “half-dozen riots” (1) against the Catholics in the streets and I have a feeling a real violent outbreak is coming soon if this tension isn’t cut. The immigration of all these Irish-Catholics seems to have intensified the “long-festering prejudice against the Catholic Church” (#1) that these Protestants already had.

In order to find out more about the thoughts of these American Protestants, I went out to the streets of Boston again and found a man by the name of Aaron Hancock. Our conversation looked like this:

“Hello, I am Thomas Crowley from the Baltimore Sun. Recently, with a large number of Irish-Catholic immigrants coming to the Boston area, there have been some issues. What are your thoughts on these immigrants?”

“I think I speak for all Americans when I say the Irish are causing terrible disorder in our community and we would be better off without them here. They are disruptive and aggressive. I also think I speak for all Protestants when I say that the  Catholic Church and all of these Ursuline Convent Schools have gained much more popularity with the influx of these Irish-Catholic folks and we despise it. This cannot go on.”


While hearing these words would be tough for most people, it does not seem to affect the Irish a great deal. The reason for this tough attitude these Irish Immigrants have is that in Ireland, the English Protestants have been oppressing them for years. The prejudice they are facing from American Protestants like Aaron Hancock is not nearly as bad as how the English Protestants treated them. Many of the very religious Irish Immigrants are here mostly because they could not tolerate the religious prejudice from the English that they faced in Ireland. While they are starting to bring more Catholicism to America than there has ever been before, our nation is still dominated by Protestants.

The immigration of the Irish is something that is affecting the Eastern half of our country much more than the Western population. The largest numbers of Irish immigrants are currently located in Massachusetts and New York. While they are causing some problems with the American People, the one good thing they are doing so far is helping us build canals and railroads so that we can transport goods. I will follow-up on this same subject soon with another article if the issue persists or any trouble starts. Thanks.


Thomas Crowley, Baltimore Sun

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  1. Hi Liam !
    The beginning of your post is particularly interesting because I can get a good image of who your character is suppose to be. You provided good factual information while incorporating it into your story. I really liked how you included the interviews in your article, it made the whole post more interesting.

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